Sustainable Education


Urban Green Lab has been around for more than a decade, serving the Nashville metro area with curriculum and outreach to help educate and serve the community with sustainability in mind. There are massive issues in the Nashville area that require education and action before it is too late. 

Whether its the classroom, workplace or household, UGL works with high schools and companies (Kroger, Nissan, CMT, etc.) to help provide education and actionable plans to live more sustainably. 

The logo highlights the marriage between an obvious contrast, a city and nature. 

Whether it is a tree or a corner of a parking garage, the logo was meant to represent both, intertwined, existing together.

The logo allows for a pattern that represents the cautious intent of the organization while mimicking the everyday hazards of a city.

Most of the work needed to be accomplished in-house. Social content and other deliverables needed to be simple with easy-to-impliment text and imagery.